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You have documented yourself and found out the facts. The problem is real, IPv4 is scarce and IPv6 is not moving fast enough to replace it.

Will this situation affect your business ? Are you sure about it ? We are always available for counseling on this.

Have you decided that one of the following options is what you need ? Contact us so you don't have to walk in the dark alone.

IPv6 deployment this is the one thing you have to do, no matter what other decisions you take. IPv4 will be obsolete and you need to be part of the IPv6 world.

RIPE NCC's pre-approval - you can't buy resources if RIPE NCC says you don't need them soon enough so you need our help to prepare the request and handle the communication with RIPE NCC in order to avoid this becoming a real problem.

IPv4 transfers - either you buy or sell, we have everything ready for you to do the transaction smoothly

Registry management - you are an LIR. You have got the resources but it is also very important to secure them and to keep an accurate info regarding their usage.