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You want to buy now IPv4 resources. This can be the best option. You need them in the near future to support your network growth or you want to be prepared when the storm might reach it's peak and the prices would go unacceptably high. Either way it's a good choice and we are going to help you analyze the needs and decide what would be the best time and price to buy.

Before you can actually buy the IPv4 address space you need to have your request to transfer pre-approved by the RIPE NCC.
The pre-approval is subject to needs-based requirements and we can assist you with presenting the complete details so you can get it quickly.
Obtaining RIPE NCC's pre-approval will speed up the transfer process so it would be a good idea to do this even if you don't intend to buy next month. The pre-approval will remain valid for 12 months so you should do it if you expect to buy IPs in the next year.

We already have exclusivity contracts with a large number of sellers so we can find the resources you need, even if it's /8 or /22 in a timely manner and at the targeted price.