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Resources are valuable, either there is gold, oil or ... IPs. Price is always settled by the market and it's obviously related to the scarcity or abundance of that resource.

After the invention of IPv4, it seemed that 4 billion IPs are so many that they would never get exhausted. So everybody would easily get a /8 or /16. It's just some virtual numbers so why not waste them ?

In the last years, with the exploding growth of the internet, it showed that it was a mistake and this resource should be cared for better. RIRs started to adopt harsher policies on giving up IP space and the old IPv6 (yes it's old, it was formally drafted in 1998) was taken out as a replacement which this time would truly be abundant.

Now it's your opportunity to make some easy money. You got some resources for (almost) free and now you can make even millions of dollars. Maybe you don't want to take advantage of this and do a good deed by donating them. We'll assist you in finding network operators from developing countries that would really need the resources and couldn't afford to buy them.

But since you were lucky to get something valuable, during theese harsh times, any opportunity to make some cash wouldn't hurt. Contact us and we'll find you a buyer sooner than any other IPv4 broker. You consider that now it's not the moment to sell and hope for a better proffit ? Meanwhile you can make some (very good) money by leasing the IPs. Whether it's for 3 months, 6 months, a year or more, you decide the terms.